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Hi All

Im very new to storyline so apologies if this is a silly question. I imported a powerpoint into storyline and have created 2 scenes. Scene one is training material and seems to be fine. Scene 2 is the quiz but because i imported the slides they are not quiz slides. I have used layers for correct and incorrect but obviously it isnt being scored. Can i convert pre-made slides to quiz or do i have to start from scratch? thanks!!! 

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Lauren,

Can you tell me more about what the PowerPoint quiz slides look like? Are they multiple choice, true false, or some other type of question? Are the answer choices listed in bullet form?

Instead of starting from scratch, you may be able to use the convert to freeform tool. That way, you won't have to manually create Correct and Incorrect layers on each slide.

If you can share one or two of the quiz slides with me, I'd be happy to create a quick video tutorial to show you how to quickly convert them into quiz slides. 

Alyssa Gomez

Thanks for sharing your file with me, Lauren!

The triggers and layers you created will definitely work, but I'm sure it takes quite a bit of time to set that up. Good news is, you can let Storyline do all of that heavy lifting for you!

Check out this video to see how easy it is to convert those slides to freeform quiz questions. I hope that helps you save time as you continue to build this course!

Alec Rivers

Hi Alyssa,

I watched the video that you kindly made for Nicole, and learned how easy it is to convert a slide.

However, I have a module containing seven question slides (example attached), each requiring a Yes or No response. The thing is, there is no right or wrong answer; we just need our LMS (SCORM 1.2) to know what the responses were. So, I have two questions:

1. Can the feedback layers be omitted or bypassed, as both responses are valid and don't need a dialogue to be shown?

2. How do we send the responses back to the LMS?

The course currently stores the results in seven Boolean variables to determine branching at the end of the module.

The Yes and No buttons change colour on click, reset the state of the other button, set the appropriate variable, and unhide the 'Next' button.

We're using Storyline 360.

Thanks in advance!

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Alec!

Yes, you can turn off the feedback on these slides. Go to the Question tab on the ribbon and choose the None option from the Feedback drop-down. This option prevents any feedback from displaying for the question.

The responses will be sent to your LMS if you include a result slide after the question slides. 

Let me know if that answers your questions!

Alec Rivers

Thanks for that.

It seems, though, that the results sent back can only be generated from Pass/Fail results from previous slides. Is it possible instead to use the values of variables to generate a returned value?

As I mentioned before, there are no right or wrong answers in this case. It's more a survey than a quiz.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Alec,

It sounds like you want to see the learners' responses to the questions, is that right?

Here is a list of the data that Storyline sends to your LMS. Once that data is compiled in the LMS database, there's really no limit to what kind of analysis you can perform (assuming the LMS grants access to the data)!  I'd recommend reaching out to your LMS Administrator to find out what options they have available for reporting and data analysis.