Converted mp3 to mp4, but cannot imsert it

Jul 17, 2014


I am using a custom player that does not allow me to use the usual seekbar. The player's developer has devised a way to insert an audio file as an mp4 (h.264) video file, size it so that the video controls are visible and can be placed onto the screen. Very clever.

My issue is that I have many mp3 audio files for the 10 courses on this project. I have converted (transcoded) them to mp4 using Expression Encoder 4. They look like mp4 and are designated as mp4 in all the folders, but when trying to insert a file, Storyline displays a dialog box saying that the file "...does not appear to be a supported video format."

Any ideas? There are many downloadable converters, but I am a tad nervous about doing that unless someone can recommend one.

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