Converting a flash file (FLV) to MP4

Jan 24, 2018

Hi All,

Has anyone ever converted a flash file into MP4? I am working on converting an HTML course and all the animations are in flash. Any help/suggestion is highly appreciated. 

Thank you!

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Mike Enders

Hi Mira,

It is totally possible to convert .flvs to .mp4s. If you have access, you could use a tool such as Adobe's Media Encoder to convert your .flvs. One caveat is that not all .flvs are the same when it comes to their creation settings, so a tool such as Media Encoder might struggle with certain .flv files. 

Barring access to a program like AME, you could look to free tools such as VLC Media Player (or an online tool such as Zamzar) to attempt the task. 

I hope this helps!




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