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Tom Kuhlmann

Yeah, I wasn't thinking about that part of it. I guess it would make sense to apply a button set. Although if you select two answers rather than one, you'd be incorrect.

I'd probably still do a single choice. if I needed to create a button set that seems quicker than getting rid of the convert to freeform and then applying a new one. Also, sometimes when you get rid of the freeform and apply a new one there are issues.

Yang Yang

Hi Wendy and Tom

Thank you so much for your suggestion. I have tried both methods the the button set is certainly a quicker workaround. The quiz worked perfectly the first round. However when I resit the quiz/revisit the questions, I could not select any buttons. I have tried both "reset to initial state" and "resume saved state", none of them allowed me to select any buttons. Am I missing anything?

Anthony LEPOT

Hi, I often have the same problem than Yang. During correction phase (for instance), the quiz is rewritted by the author and a "pick one" activity must be converted to a "pick many" or the reverse.

Wouldn't it be more simple to have only one kind of "pick" activity in Storyline, with an option " allow only one answer to be selected", as it exists in drag and drop activities?

Anthony LEPOT

Yes sure, i can use Pick many question, according to what is the most relevant for the question, but sometimes i face the need to convert a question.

To convert a Pick many to a Pick one, i simply add tiggers on each proposition buttons that change states of other buttons to normal. So only one proposition can be selected at the time.

But to convert a Pick one to a pick many if i need to, i have to remove the freeform activity and insert another one, losing my feedback layers in the process. 

My former comment was just a suggestion to make the process easier. If it would be possible to convert a question type with just one click, it would allow to save time. It's not really a problem that would need to be fixed, but it could be an improvement.

ps : Sorry for my approximate English, i hope my point is still understandable. ;)

Leslie McKerchie

Ah, yes. Thank you for the clarification, Anthony.

The ability to easily change the question type is a feature request that we are currently tracking.

Thanks for sharing your feedback and how this feature would be beneficial for you. I've added this conversation to the report so that we can share any updates we may have with you here.

Yang Yang

Hi Alyssa and Leslie

I agree with Anthony that it would be great to be able to change question types (Pick Many and Pick One) easily. The current process is not that simple especially when we need to work on a large number of questions. Tom's suggestion of using a button set wored great for me but it's more like a workaround in this instance. As Anthony suggested, this is a missing feature that could potentially make the authoring process a lot easier :)