Converting AICC output to an earlier version

Hello.  I just generated a sample module in Articulate Storyline in AICC format.  The output format is AICC 3.  The client wants it in AICC 2.  Does anyone know how to do the conversion?

Storyline does not give me an option to choose an AICC version.  All it has is a checkbox to select AICC and generate the output.

This is urgent, so if someone can help, please do!!!

Thanks so much.

Su Piercy

Curriculum Developer/Trainer

X-IO Technologies

Colorado Springs, CO

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Sudakshina, 

Is your client looking to have courses published in an earlier version of Storyline (we're currently in update 3)? If there is a particular reason why, possibly something isn't working in Storyline update 3, please let us know and we'll be happy to test it. You can share the information here with your .story file or send it along to our Support team.