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Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Deirdre,

I haven't personally used Captivate, but I don't think this is really specific to the origin of the video. It sounds like the video is scaling down for your project and compressing/losing some of the quality.

Can you tell us if this is happening during preview for you, or only after publishing?

If this happens while you're in the project and previewing, it may be that the video is scaling down to fit the slide. If that's the case, you could try making your slide size larger or equal to the original video size. That may help with the scaling down of the video. 

If this is happening only after you publish, it might be due to the publish quality settings or compression. Check your quality settings to see if they're set too low. To check or adjust these settings, click on "Publish" and select your publish output type (Web, LMS, etc.). Here, you'll see "Quality" listed on the right-hand side, with a link to the options:

If raising the quality settings doesn't improve the video quality, you might want to try the solution in the screencast below:

I hope this helps!