Converting .exe to mp4

Dec 30, 2016

Hi, Can we convert .exe file created in Articulate Storyline to .mp4 format. I am aware of the Replay option to record screen. Is there any application or software that we can use to convert the content created in Articulate Storyline2 which is in .exe format to .mp4 format

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Dave Cox

Hi Deepa,

A .exe file is an executable file. Although and executable file can contain video, it isn't in itself a video file. An mp4 file is a video only file. If the video in the exe file was created by Storyline, it is probably an mp4 embedded in the exe file.

There are a lot of programs that convert between video formats, but since exe is not a video format, I doubt that you will find anything that can perform a direct conversion. If you don't have the original video file, your best option probably is to record the screen.

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