Converting paper-based user guides to HTML5 format.......

We have many classes each year where we hand out paper 'user guides' (spiral-bound, 3 ring, etc.) to our participants. Old school, I know. We're looking for a solution that allows us to convert these documents into a format where our participants can use iPads or similar device to follow along in class. This would eliminate the need to print user guides each time and save a few hundred trees.

I think Storyline could work for this, we use it all the time for traditional online learning modules and love it, but I'm wondering if there are any other products available. The ability to add interactive features such as real-time class polling, surveys, quizzing, embedded videos and so forth would be nice.

In addition, I'd love to give participants the opportunity to take notes within the content shown in their iPads and access these notes at any time.

Would love to hear any thoughts you may have.....thank you!


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Brian Dennis

SL currently handles most of your feature requests already, including embedded videos, quizzing, surveys and polling. Add a mix of javascript and a backend web server or LMS and you have a very powerful system.

As for content, I'd suggest you browse the SL Showcase area, as many people have shared many fantastic examples of transforming dry content into engaging interactive content. Harness the power of the medium to help the learner truly engage with the material. Barring time constraints, scanning the pages and utilizing scroll panels work in a pinch.


Michael O.

Storyline does the things that you are describing and those on this forum will be biased towards it there other great tools. 

If your learners are limited to iOS devices there is a great authoring product that allows you to create books with embedded audio, video experience that resembles a text book.  It also includes the ability to have interactive questions.  Its produced by Apple and is free and called iBooks Author. When creating the iBook, it will require a Mac.