Converting PDF files

Hi All!

We have a project involving pdf conversions. the source files are in pdf format. And we need to convert these into Storyline screens, add some interaction, hot points, video and narration.

Any one knows how we can do this with the minimum possible effort?

Thanx in advance

Mustafa Yucelgen

CEO of Bilgi Kurdu - Elearning Company

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Bob S

Hi Mustafa,

One option would be to use a version Acrobat Pro, Serif PagePlus, or something similar, and simply save the PDF as an image. Then bring the image in. But because it's an image, you can't tweak the content.

Another option would be to use Acrobat Pro X11 and save the PDF as a PPT presentation. From there you can tweak till your heart's content and import into Articulate.

Hope this helps,