Converting such huge amounts of text documentation into engaging eLearning

I have a series of many projects converting lengthy documentation documents (40+ pages in a single document) into eLearning.  This is for the workers of various departments within Facilities, such as HVAC, landscaping, electrical, plumbing, etc.  This also has to be done very rapidly since the deadlines are unreasonably short because the Facilities organization is way behind schedule in developing the training, and all the training must be delivered before a new building opens, so all the workers can complete this training which is specific to the new building.

They are willing to accept "good enough" instead of polished courses, due to the time constraints, but still each course requires a huge amount of text to be converted into eLearning -- and in time periods which are too short (70 courses need to be completed within 12 months).  Any suggestions for converting such huge amounts of text into short interesting and engaging courses would be appreciated. 

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Phil Mayor

70 courses inside of 12 months is achievable, I probably build over 100 courses a year.

I would look at ways you can create shortcuts, templates of common interactions will help.

Also look at choosing the same aspect ratio and basic design for all courses this way you can reuse elements.

40 pages should take 1-2 days to create engaging elearning. The more courses you build the moree usable elements you will have.


John Blum

Hi Phil,

I had already thought of reusing animations, interactivities, etc., as you suggested, so that confirms I'm on the right track -- thank you.

I've worked with many instructional designers in the past 5 years, and I've never met any who could build an entire course with that much text content in 1-2 days.  You're amazing!  How many minutes long is an average course you build in 1 - 2 days?

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