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First a bit about me.  We 9My wife and I) are a two person company that provides training and support to applicants of a Federal exam that leads to a U.C. Customs Broker License.

Part of the course is a Power Point presentation for review purposes not a training.  No questions, etc.  pretty basic.  It was completed with Studio '13 and now that Flash is ending the Presentations need to be converted to HTML.

Is there any one out there that we can hire to perform this task. If yes it will take a load of us.  We can be contacted at:

Peter or Victoria Moyer
Logistics Training Systems, Inc.
Tel: 877-818-5834  email:

Please contact us at your convenience.


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Tom Kuhlmann

You can probably find plenty of people to do the publishing for you. It may be cheaper to get a license of Articulate 360 and do all the publishing yourself. If you have the original production files it is mostly a straightforward process and only takes a few minutes to republish.

Articulate 360 gives you both Presenter and Storyline as Phil noted. 

With that said, you may want or revisit what you have and possibly move the content from PowerPoint to Storyline, or maybe even Rise (also part of Articulate 360).

You can PM if you have specific questions.