Converting to the correct Excel format for importing quiz questions

Apr 01, 2015

Not exactly a Storyline feature question, but directly relates to importing quiz questions.

I frequently publish certification exams, from 50-150 questions at a time.  The client submits these in an Excel file, but it does not match the format necessary for smooth import to Storyline.  Training them to follow the necessary format is not an option. 

Is there a conversion routine that will rearrange the questions/answers in an xsl file before importing? 

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Jerrie Paniri

Hi Ashley,

Nice to hear from you :) !
The image below shows the questions as submitted (rows 2 - 24 below), followed by the same questions in proper SL import format (from line 27 below).
I assume the process is to export it [into another excel file] so that data is in the correct format for SL. The export feature should recognize/assign the question type, move text to a specified column, and track the correct choices. Once transformed, that file is then imported to SL. Am I close? How do you transform from one xsl format to the other? Please tell me there's a magic spell - or how to set up an excel template the SMEs will follow.
Thanks - Jerrie

[Plus... how is a matching question set up for import?][cid:image006.png@01D06D50.0A510EC0][cid:image002.png@01D06D4E.42D49890]

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jerrie,

First, an fyi that replying here via email includes your signature and you're welcome to edit and remove that if you'd like. 

Also the images didn't come through either as attachments included in email are not posted to the forums. You're welcome to pop back in here and share them again for the community.

In regards to your desired behavior, it sounds like something that would need to be a feature request and you're welcome to share your thoughts with our development team here. 

For any of the matching questions, separate each answer choice and its match with a pipe (|) in the excel column. There is the template here, and depending on your SMEs I'd look at giving them instruction on how to use that set up. 

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