Converting WMV files into Storyline Quickly

Aug 24, 2012

Hi folks,

I have a few hour long WMV files of slide presentations I'd like to convert over to Storyline. It would be nice if they had the appearance of being a single video in a player (Storyline doesn't support an hour long flash file, does it?). The final Storyline doesn't need to have much other than the player controls. I have a process sketched out for how I'd like to proceed, but since I figure you may have encountered this type of project, I thought I'd see if anyone had any tips or tricks for doing this quickly.


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Tari Barker

I'm trying to insert a WMV file into my Articulate Storyline but I keep getting an error stating to ensure I have the latest version of Windows Media Player and Apple Quick Time Player installed along with the required codecs.  I've downloaded WMP 11 and Applequick time but I still can't insert the WMV files.  Any suggestions?

Gerry Wasiluk

If delivery of the content is world-wide, I'd divide the video content up among several slides.  You could make then all look the same like they are one slide.

Also, some IT departments frown on huge video downloads.  Does yours?

From an instructional design standpoint, having people sit passively through an hour-long video may not be good to do.  Unless the video was highly engaging and relevant to me, you'd lose me and I'd get very bored.

Better still, divide the video up and quiz the learners every few minutes or have them do some activity to show they can use the learning in the video.

In addition, I'd make the first three slides in the course at least not have video in them, due to the way the course loads.

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