Converting work books to Storyline

I've got 19 workbooks to convert to eLearning.  Each workbook has at least 5 or more exercises in them.  Most of these have 6+ questions per exercise, the student has to refer to our policy and other documents to answer these (which I believe I can add as a resource) and then put in a written answer.   I can do 1 question per slide easily enough but can I condense the questions onto 1 or at most 2 slides only?  I've tried using the tabs interaction (one tab per question) and the process interaction but neither have worked.  At the end of each workbook there will be a 10 question quiz as well - this is already set up independently and up and working and being used successfully.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Fay,

Storyline only allows for one question per slide, but I know other users have looked at creating and tracking their own individual questions using variables and the states of items. You may want to share your set up and ideas here and perhaps someone in the community will be able to weigh in. 

Emma Swingle

I know that this post is quite old now but wonder as I have the same scenario and Articulate 360 would you recommend that this could be something converted into RISE? I to have a very large workbook that references many policies, spreadsheets, pdf's and documents etc how would you break this down and is RISE the best option or would you use Storyline in this scenario?