Conveyor belt game

Hi community, here we have a little fun game for children, but I have a trouble with it. There are two layers with a loop trigger, each one with eight boxes in motion animation. If we pick someone, then:

  • Layer pause timeline,
  • Box open and show a graphic, and
  • Button check and button close shows normal.

We have to pick check of them if we consider it is a 3D graphic and box stay with open state. If we don´t consider it is a correct answer, then pick close and box get a normal state. If we pick any of the two buttons, then the layer to which it belongs is reactivated.

But we have some problem here, beacause if we pick an element from layer loop 2 and want to select another from this layer, the game stops and does not turn on again.

To make it works, we have used different kind of variables, but the problem happens with animation.

Please help me to find a solution in attached .story (360 version). 

Thank you so much

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