Course sent 100% score and passed even not completed in SABA

Hi, we found an issue running a course in SABA. Until now, our clients wants the courses with the quiz only active if you complete all the contents and we have not noticed this behaviour.

In a course with the quiz active from the start, happens this issue: if you make quiz and does not reach the passed score, then you go to another content of the course and reload the screen on the LMS, the course sents at this moment a score of 100% and passed.
That only happens if you use a question bank. with simple slides as questions, ot works fine.

We have followed that post and for Moodle, the issued is solved but in SABA still happens.


Thanks for help



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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Juanjo! Thanks for referencing the other thread, that is always helpful. The thread and solution referenced is specific to Presenter '13, but you mention Storyline here. Have you tested the content in SCORM Cloud and do you experience the same issue? If you are able to replicate the issue there, then I would advise reaching out to our support team here.