Copy a motion path from an object and paste it onto another that already has a motion path(s).

Jun 20, 2017

Hi all,

My name is Duke, basically a newbie, and I have been using Articulate 360 for a couple of weeks now. Here is what I'm trying to do:

I have created Object-A, Object-B and Objec-C, and assigned three different motion path on each object i.e. Path-1 for Object-A, Path-2 for Object-B and Path-3 for Object-C.

Now I also want Object-B to have Path-1 and Path-3 assigned to it as well. Thus Object-B will have 3 paths. I can't seem to just click on the path, copy and paste it on the object. Using the "Animation Painter" will only replace not add to it. And I can't just add a new motion path to Object-B as it wouldnt be identical to the paths that I have already assigned to other objects and I want it to move exactly the same way as the other two objects.

The only way I know is to create 3 paths on Object-B first then use the "Animation Painter" to copy and paste on the paths on Object-A and Object-C then delete the paths I don't need on each object. However, it wouldn't work when I need to see how far other A and C move first then I can design B. 

Can anyone give me some advice? I'm actually attending a training workshop here in Bangkok tomorrow. If noone can help me here then I hope to find a solution myself tomorrow. Thanks in advance and sorry for the long message.


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Alyssa Gomez

Hey Duke,

I can see how the ability to copy/paste motion paths would be really helpful for you, especially since the Animation Painter only replaces motion maths instead of adding them. That would make an excellent feature request!

We've got some creative folks in this community, so I look forward to seeing what solutions they will share here. 😊

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