Copy and Paste between Mac and Windows (with folder sharing disabled).

Feb 06, 2018

Hi all, 

sorry if this has been discussed before. I am using a VM with Parallels to run storyline on my Mac and it mostly works ok. I was sharing everything and just dragging it all over, back and forth, without problems for 3 months. Recently I had some weird error messages (unable to save - something about re-rendering) and, in investigating, discovered that "best practise" involves not sharing any folders, keeping windows and storyline totally separate. So I've done a clean reinstall of everything, but this raises problems with my workflow. The advice is to " Copy and paste files you need for Articulate projects to the Windows environment prior to inserting them into your content." but this doesn't seem to work if the folders are not shared. My current workaround is a dumping and gathering files between an external pen drive which both operating systems recognise but it seems a bit retrograde. 

Any thoughts or advice on a better workflow? I need it to be as seamless as possible as I use Adobe on the Mac side for creating all my content. 

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Chris Santos

Hi Amanda,

Prior to discovering Samba share in Mac, I used to transfer files via FTP and/or email.  You're "solution" of using an external drive I think is certainly more elegant than what I was doing and is probably already the best workaround for this.

Hopefully, others in the community can chime in with their thoughts and ideas of keeping up with best practices while at the same time maintaining your workflow.

Chris S.

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