Copy and Paste from Storyline to Mac

Sep 09, 2016

I use Storyline 2 on a Mac running VMware Fusion. I have always been able to copy and paste text from documents on the Mac into Storyline and from Storyline to Mac applications. Suddenly the Storyline (Windows) to Mac quit working. I can copy and paste inside the Storyline without any problems, but when I copy and try to paste the text into Word on my Mac side it pastes the last thing that was copied on the Mac side. Any ideas how to fix this?

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Dennis Gifford

Thanks, but the problem isn't the clipboard getting stuck. It works fine on the Mac side, but when I copy inside Windows and try to paste on the Mac side, it pastes the last thing I copied on the Mac side. When I follow the instructions in the article, I am able to copy and paste from Windows, but the first time I copy and paste on the Mac side it quits working again.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hey Dennis - 

Great question and I've found that other programs can sometimes interfere with the copy/paste ability from Mac to PC and back again. For example I used this one application called "Time out" and found out it had issues with running at the same time as my VMWare Windows environment. So I deleted the app and back to working normal.

I also sometimes will open up a Google doc in my Windows and Mac environment and put any text there - since it's real time I'm able to grab it on the other side just as easy as copy/paste. 

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