Mar 29, 2017

Hi all, 

I am looking to see if anyone knows of a way to allow users to copy and paste text displayed in a course.

I am creating software learning and it would be helpful if the user could copy text that is displayed on the screen, but this is not possible with the standard text.


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Susi B

Hi Steve,

as far as I know there is no possibility to copy text from storyline, but you could use other methods like inserting a integrated template like a word document/pdf/excel or insert a web object/link which takes the user to your website where you could post the needed text. A colleague recommended too. 



steve jackson

Thanks, Susi. 

I had thought of those, but kinda felt it was a bit clunky, so was hoping for something slicker.  

After a bit of a think, I have figured one out, so thought I would share.

  • Add a text data input field
  • Set the default value of the field you wish to allow the user to copy and paste.

Now if you are confident that the user won't mess the text up before entering it then you can leave it here, but as we all know users can find amazing ways to break courses. 


  • Add an object off screen on an animation path (i choose square)
  • set up the object to move when the animation completes, so it goes into a never-ending cycle.
  • Set another variable to change the text field variable, back to the default, each time it completes.  

Now even if the user accidently deletes the text out, it will repopulate next time the animation path completes, in my case .5 seconds.





Amy Hengst

Thanks for this, my team was just discussing, and this will help us with training where the user needs to enter a text query to search in a separate live software system based on example data.

i modified your solution so the user has a "restore" button they can push if they need to refresh the provided text. 

Where "text entry" is "set Variable3 equal to the typed value..." the "Restore" button has the trigger "Set Variable3 equal to the value of Variable 1 when the user clicks" where both variables are assigned the same text string. 

Pasting this here in case it helps someone else. 

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