Copy and Paste Mulitple Layers

Feb 16, 2016

Does anyone know any tricks to selecting multiple layers as a group, copying and pasting in the same slide? I have a treatment where I need to run a character scenario (7 layers), plus a question layer and a response layer.

I've built the layers as templates. I'd like to select all nine at once, copy, then paste, within the same slide. Currently all I can seem to do is copy and paste each individual layer at a time. I'd like to paste 9 layer 6 times vs. copy/paste 54 individual layers. UGH!!

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Jon DeGroot

Hey Christopher,

I'm not seeing a way to copy multiple layers at a time. One possible work around though is just duplicating the slide with the layers on it. Then just select everything on the base layer and delete it. Then select everything from the base layer of another slide and copy and paste it onto your slide with all of the layers on it. That may not work depending on your setup but it may help speed things up. 

Jon DeGroot

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