Copy and Paste Multiple Triggers

Jun 30, 2014

When I add a powerpoint in it hijacks all of my carefully set up triggers that move through the presentation using keyboard shortcuts and the previous and next buttons. Is there a way to group those triggers to paste them on the powerpoint slides? I have tried inserting them on the master but that only works about half the time.

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Sharon Huston

Shannon, I've had this same problem.  I haven't found a "perfect" answer, but you can try this:

Start with a slide that has all the triggers you want, and then make an off-stage object, like a simple square.  Go to your triggers, copy a trigger, then click the square and go back to the triggers sidebar and paste the trigger so it sticks to the  square.  You can then copy that one square and paste it to all your imported PPT slides.  It isn't a perfect solution, but it's sometimes helpful.

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