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Jamie Morgan

Glad you figured it out. Copying & pasting audio doesn't work so hot.  =-) Although Storyline has a ton of features, there are still some inherent PPT characteristics. This is one of them. Much like copying & pasting slides from one PPT to the other doesn't maintain the original formatting, but importing them does. 

Curtis Kynerd

I have a need to copy/paste a slide master from SL back to PowerPoint.  Is there a way to do this?  My purpose in doing this is that after importing the PowerPoint into SL, I modified the Slide Master slightly in SL.  I have a few slides in the original PowerPoint that I am going to import using the PPT 2010 version that allows for creating a flash movie.  (I have some motion paths and animations I want to preserve in the final version).  Since I modified the Slide Master, I need to export it or copy/paste it back to the original PowerPoint.   Any suggestions for doing this quickly, rather than manually recreating the changes I made to the SL Slide Master back in the original PowerPoint ?