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Matthew Bibby

Hi Jim,

Try this:

  • Right click on your slide workspace and select Grid and Guides...
  • Make sure that Snap objects to grid is selected
  • Set the Grid spacing to 10px *
  • Now each time you copy and paste, the pasted object will be 10px across and 10px down from the copied object 
  • Then all you need to do is press up and left on your keyboard to move the pasted object to the exact same position as the original copied object.

You may find that it is helpful to have the Size and Position window open when testing this so you can see the exact position on the slide. You can open this window easily by pressing Control+Shift+Enter.

Hope that helps!

* 10px seems to be the ideal setting for this. Unfortunately 0px or 1px isn't an option and some other values (e.g 20px) behave inconsistently.

Jim Graham


Thanks for your suggestion. That's kind of what I'm doing now but I had noticed the inconsistencies with different Grid spacing. If 10px is consistent I will start to use that (although for snapping other objects that creates it's own issues). I will also put in a feature request to add this functionality.

As always I appreciate the fast responses and the help from this community. You folks are great!


Matthew Bibby

Glad that helped Jim. If you want to play around with other grid spacings, just keep the Position window open so you can see how it behaves. But 10px works well for me.

Cary, personally I find that copy and pasting in the exact same location is more of a help than a hindrance. It's hard to imagine, but if you ever use software that behaves in this way you very quickly get used to it and it becomes a time saver. 

Pat Kyle

Hi there,

Has there been any update on this? I have slides with multiple layers where I now need to copy and paste several items but it is taking a long time to nudge everything after pasting.  The layers are quite detailed so copying the layers does not help. If not possible, it would be a nice feature to have as a paste option.

Jazzmine O

Helpful stuff here in this related post. Going to try duplicating the slide and copy/pasting into the slide I'm actually going to use.

Need to have it paste in the exact spot since I'm hoping to achieve a "faux cursor"/pulsing effect. Really wish there was some way to have this as a built-in... Especially the pulsing feature. But c'est la vie.