Copy background layout from one scene to another?

Hello Elearning Heroes!

I was wondering if anyone knew how to copy the background image from one scene to another. My graphic designer, who is on vacation, made a great looking result slide for my exercises. But I now need to take that background slide and put it into a new scene. I am including the scene here in this post. Can someone help?



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Bruce Graham

Hi Avery,

Looks like they have formatted using a background image fill.

Not sure that you can get this unless you have the base image.

I tried saving the .story as a new .story file, then importing just this slide into a new scene, and deleting all the "Quiz" content, but it still leaves the "Results" imagery there :(



Bruce Graham


That's the image from the Slide Master, not the image from the Quiz/Results Slide - with the "clouds" (attached), which is what I think is required here.

Saying that, could probably use this image, and then screenshot/copy the clouds image, paste it onto this, and it might do the trick, IF it is the same gradient fill.


Avery William

Thanks so much for the quick responses! 

The background image has not only the clouds and the logo at the bottom, but it also has the nice Result box at the top left-hand corner. I took a screen shot of the background and then applied it as a JPEG image to the background of my results slide. Perfect ... almost. It came out blurry. I checked the forums and found a similar conversation where the poster was advised to copy the picture directly to the slide to cure the bluriness instead of using the background image formatting tab. This did not help me either. Is there a way to past the nice crisp background image from the above attachment so that it appears nice and crisp in the new scene?

Thank you again for all of your help!