Copy customized Invalid Answer layer to other quiz question?

I followed the instructions to Jeanette's Screenr how to create a customized Invalid Answer message onto a Quiz Question. The instructions are great and everything is working fine, so thanks!

My question: I purposely did this in a Story that has other, previously created Quiz Questions. For consistency, the Invalid Answer Message Layer would need to be replicated on each quiz.( As a reminder, this is a custom message that was created for when Learners click the Submit button without answering a multiple choice question).

Is there a way to do this, that is, easily duplicate the Invalid Answer Message layer on other quiz questions?  Currently I need to

1. Create the layer

2. Choose the layout

3. Copy/paste the elements from the "original" quiz question onto this new layer.

I'm aware that the triggers need to be changed for individual questions. But it would save a lot of time to not have to recreate the layer each time.

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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Becky - that's a great question and it would seem that creating a layer on the slide master layout would be a good way to handle this, since then you'd only have to create that layer once ... but here's the issue with that.. The trigger to reveal the layer needs to be placed on the actual slide (since it references specific objects on that particular slide). And right now, it's not possible to create a trigger on an actual slide which causes a layer on the slide master to appear. (Layers on the slide master need to be triggered from the slide master.) I hope that makes sense. 

It would be cool if it were possible to insert a trigger on the actual slide which reveals a layer from the master. That would make a great feature request!

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Yes, I'd thought about creating it on a master but knew I'd run into that limitation with the trigger. Or, the other solution/feature request would be to allow users to copy layers from one slide to another. Is there a reason for not allowing this? Will wait for response before I send along a feature request. TX!