Copy/Paste bug

I've discovered a bug that we've been able to duplicate across different computers. The following steps consistently crash Storyline 2, Update9: 1605.1919. I see that there's a newer update but I didn't see this one addressed in the fixes for update 10. 

  1. Insert > Controls > Radio buttons > (choose style 2)
  2. Add a label to the button by typing some text
  3. Click on the button/label to activate it as if you were going to move it
  4. Copy
  5. Paste
  6. Crash
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Ali Goulet

Hi Michael- Thanks for reaching out and sharing your experience here. Following the steps you provided, myself and a few of my colleagues weren't able to reproduce what you're seeing in Storyline 2. We tested in a couple different versions of Windows (7 and 10) as well as in both updates 9 and 10. Since this is something that is not expected behavior, I would recommend running this repair to fix erratic behavior in Storyline 2. Let me know how that goes!