copy/paste problem

I am trying to copy objects from one slide and paste them into another. When I paste, the objects don't appear in the same location on the slide -- they are shifted down and to the right.

This is not a problem I've had before, and it's happening when pasting from slide to slide and also within layers on the same slide.

I assume I've accidentally changed a setting somewhere, but I can't think where the problem might be. Can you help?


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Dennis Hall

Hi Cheryl:

This is normal, and advantageous, for Storyline to do this. It lets you visually see that an object was successfully pasted.

All you need to do is select the up arrow, then the left arrow on your keyboard (while having the pasted object selected) one time each and it will be placed into the original X / Y location.

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Cheryl,

That does seem odd. The "down and to the right" (actually by 8 pixels) is typical behavior when copy/paste on the SAME slide, but when C/P onto a layer or new slide, at least for me, size and position are exactly the same.

I'm not aware of a setting that would affect this. Hopefully, someone can weigh in.

Q: Is this happening on all files, or just one?

Cheryl Melfi

Thanks, Rebecca and Dennis.

I've never had this problem before today when copy/pasting from slide to slide or layer to layer--though of course the location of the objects is always shifted when pasting on the same layer.

It seems to be happening only in one file--and in fact, after I opened another file to see if it was happening there too, it seemed to fix the problem in the original file!

Dennis, if it starts again I will definitely use your suggested work-around.

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Agree with Phil regarding using size/position. I typically find the "offset" is 8 pixels, but always use the S/P box when I want precise/same positioning. Nice that you can leave this box open while moving from object to object and even from slide to need to close/reopen continually.