Copy-Paste triggers for video

Dec 08, 2018

It seems that when copying and pasting triggers the variable gets highlighted in blue and in the pasted copy, one can use that to select a different variable for the copy. However when i copy a "Play Media"-such and such- When Media -such and such ends, the copied trigger give me the choice of picking the first such and such video but not the second.

Is there a reason for that ?


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Crystal Horn

Hi Philippe.  Here's a visual of what you're describing:

Instead of "the media" in the highlighted trigger, you'd like to see the actual media name with an option to select and change it, without having to open the trigger wizard.  Is that accurate?

Are you hitting a roadblock with that functionality, Philippe?  Let me know if you can't edit in the trigger wizard by double-clicking the trigger.  In the meantime, I'll submit a feature request about making more fields editable in the trigger panel.

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