Copy/paste works within Storyline, but not externally


I am using Storyline 5 and I am having an issue with the clipboard. If I select an object from a slide (a picture) I can copy it and paste it to another slide within the Storyline project. However, if I try to paste the picture into an external program such as SnagIt, Outlook, Word, etc then it does not work. It seems like when I copy, it only copies to the clipboard withing Storyline, but not to the "general" Windows clipboard.

Is this not possible with Storyline, or is there some setting on my computer that's disrupting this process?


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Phil Mayor

Tomer Busidan said:

Thank you for the reply Phil.

Just so I am 100% clear, are you saying that Storyline doesn't enable you to take images out of a project and send them to an image-editing software? You can copy and paste into Storyline, and within Storyline, but not out of Storyline?

Yep, you can paste into but apart from Text you can copy very little out. You can do a save as image if required but this may reduce the quality of your images.

Phil Mayor

Tomer Busidan said:

Thanks Greg. That is a horrible gap in this software! I am new to Storyline, as my firm recently switched over from Adobe Captivate. So far to be honest I think Storyline sucks. And this copy/paste issue is a prime example of why.

In support of the software, I would say Storyline is far easier to use than captivate, and any images in your project would have been inserted so you should ideally have the original image, unless of course you inherit the project from someone else.