Copy Screencast?

May 16, 2014

I am trying (and failing) to combine slides from a screen recording session.  There seems to be no method to merge slides or append one side to another, so I tried to copy the objects from one slide onto a new layer in the other slide.

When I get to the "Screen Recording Action," the cut/copy options are simply greyed out.  Is there no way to copy this?  (At least the mouse cursor tells me that it cannot be copied).


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ken,

It sounds like you have the screen recording as step by step slides? If so, you could add the new screen recording slides to appear before or after particular slides, but not adding them to the layer of the screen recording slide (s). If you need it all as one screen recording video on a slide - there won't be a way to combine the video recordings in Storyline to be one file - but you could add the additional video to appear on the timeline when the first video ends. 

Ken Teutsch

I realize I am fiddling around in a non-standard way.  I am new to Storyline, and I am used to video/audio editing.  Storyline layers and timelines simply don't work the way I'm used to layers and timelines working.

In this case, I have step by step slides.  I originally created the screen capture recording with the intention of using it as a video on one slide, but was experimenting with using the step-by-step mode in order to avoid the terrible video compression.

Trouble is, there is narration that goes along with the screen capture, and it becomes impossible to sync that up, as Storyline breaks  each mouse click out onto its own slide.  I was trying to combine a few of the slides in order to recreate several seconds of on-screen "action" at a time, and edit the audio accordingly.  I find, however, that I cannot copy the mouse cursor OR the "screencast" object from one side to another. 

Am I right in assuming that doing so is impossible, and not that I am just doing something wrong?

It appears that I will have to go back to the video on one slide, or start all over and fake the on-screen interactions if I want to use the stills-with-audio idea.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ken,

The audio is removed from a step by step slide - so it's just the clicks and interactions that you'll be able to see. As you mentioned they're all broken out into individual slides, and can't be combined. You mentioned feeling more comfortable using video/editing tools - have you looked into using Replay to do this? It's free with a Storyline license - and although the editing capabilities are a bit limited (compared to a more robust video/editing tool that you've likely used in the past) I think it may work better for what you're trying to do. You could then publish the Replay file and insert into Storyline as MP4s. Granted, video compression will still play a role - but luckily there is a workaround to replace the published output files with your originals. 

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