Copy Step-by-Step slides -- error. Is there a workaround?

Aug 14, 2012


I did a recording using Storyline and inserted it as "Step-by-Step" slide (View Mode). I'm trying to copy or duplicate an individual slide and the "Report Error" window keeps popping up. It doesn't allow me to copy or duplicate the slide.

Has anyone else encountered this problem or is it just my system? Any ideas for a workaround?  Thanks. janet.

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Nancy Woinoski

Hi Janet - did you install the recent update?  If you did then I believe this is a bug that was introduced in the update. You can no longer import storyline files into another storyline file either (at least when ones that contain screen recordings. It could be others as well but this these are the only ones I tried).

Nancy Woinoski

I think the only thing you can do right now is revert back to release 1.0.

I am having the biggest headache with this bug. I have to import screen demos that I had to build on one machine back into my main story (I have about 20 of them and the software that I am developing the training for is changing every second) so I had to revert back to 1.0 in order to import them - but I really need the export feature because I have to build this nightmare of a project in French as well and my client is giving me about a nano second to do it all.

So after I finish importing the storyline files, I have to install the upgrade to export the content to the xml file - then I have to uninstall the update so that I can import the french demos - when I am finished importing the French demos, I have to reinstall the update so that I can import the translated file back in.

What are the odds of this working.  Needless to say it is best to stay away from me right now.

James Brandwood

I have this issue, and about every other issue mentioned in the forums from updating Storyline.

I was told I should update to fix an issue when previewing, it didn't fix it and now I have all these other problems. I can only suggest that the update didn't spend a whole lot of time in UAT - I mean who doesn't test that you can still copy and paste or that the preview isn't cropping slides all the time??

Very very disapointing Articulate.

Peter Anderson

Hi all,

The copying / importing of screen recordings issue in Update 1 is something our team is working hard on to get resolved for our next build. I'm really sorry for the inconvenience it's causing. In the meantime, we've documented some workarounds that will hopefully assist you until we can get you the latest build. You can find them here and here

Nancy Woinoski

Hi Peter, do you have any idea when this fix will be done? The work arounds don't work for me because my project has 15 screen recordings and I have to do the captures on a separate PC (long story) and then bring them into my main Story file.

I managed to choke through this process by unistalling the update, importing the screen recordings and then reinstalling the update so that I could use the translation export, but it was an extremely painful process and I would not recommend it.

I am about to go round 2 with this project and am really hoping a fix will be issued before I start.

James Brandwood

The first thing I had planned today at work was to roll back to the original version too. Thanks for saving me the trouble Peter.

Although I am in the same boat as Nancy and will put 15 screen recordings into the one scene. I'm lucky on this occassion that I know the slide came from the first recording I made on this project but it will be a pain to find others.

Going forward I am going to have to get much better at naming my screen recordings - Is there any chance the ability to rename 'Screencasts' in the timeline will be coming along soon. That would help too.

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