Copy the Glossary?

Jan 23, 2015

I have a set of courses built that use the Glossary on the sidebar feature.  My client has gone and made some significant edits to it and now I have to make those changes across 9 courses.  Is there any way to quickly duplicate the glossary from course to course?  Yes, I am trying to avoid having to make all of the changes 9 times...

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Sandra Lowe

Hmmm.... seems I'd still have to export, edit, and import for all 9 courses.  I am hoping for a way to make the changes once and then apply them or upload them into the other courses without having to repeat the edit cutting and pasting.  The built in glossary is a great tool but I'm finding it's not so fun if I have the same glossary in multiple courses and there are edits.  But thanks for the idea.


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