Copy Variable warning when importing question from other modules

Good day everyone,

We're redoing a rather large course. We've started from scratch in Storyline 3.

As we load the questions into the final exam from the other modules we are getting a 'Copy variable" warning. "There is already a variable with the same name in the project. Click the variable you want to use. Merge. Use the variable that is already defined in the project. Copy and rename. The variable you are copying will be renamed."

There are 13 modules. 11 of them have content and practice quizzes at the end without pass or fail. The quizzes are a combination of drag and drops, pick one, text entry, multiple choice, etc. They are interactive. 

Module 13 is the final exam (module one is the intro). The way we made this one is by pulling in the questions from all the other modules. Randomized 2 questions from each question bank. The pass on that is graded to 80%.

A few modules give me this error (or warning). We've tried both options and yet the final exam won't load into moodle 3.0. It just hangs and then gives us a white screen.

We've loaded into Scormcloud without issue. All the other modules loaded without issue.

Copy Variable Warning

Has anyone ever had this issue? If you have, have you solved it?


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Leslie McKerchie

Hey Stephen,

Sorry to hear that you've run into an issue with this.

It's only happening in Moodle, but not in SCORM Cloud?

Have you reached out to Moodle?

I've not seen reports of this copy variable causing issues for users, but I am curious to know the outcome.

Hopefully other community members will chime in to assist.