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Lawrence Walkin

Hi Walt! This is during development. I was hoping to use something like the clipping tool where I could copy a field value and paste it into a different slide's field value......smoke and mirrors. I went through the user guide and did some research here and I'm thinking that Articulate doesn't provide that basic feature. 

Walt Hamilton

I'm not sure what a field value is, but most things that you can select on a slide will respond to CTRL-C and CTRL-V. Respond, but not necessarily respond well. Experienced users find they are much happier duplicating the original slide, and deleting what isn't needed. That responds much more reliably.

Lawrence Walkin

It's in the screenshot within a slide. I'm trying to grab a small portion of the screenshot and copy it. It doesn't do that as I'm editing the slide. 

I'm teaching a software application. Think of a field as First Name and another field as Last Name. The First Name field value in the screenshot is Walt and the Last Name field value is Hamilton. I'm try to copy the name Walt and paste it another slide that has a first name of John. Is that possible? If so, how do you grab the portion of the slide of that you want to copy?