Copying and pasting into Storyline 2

Hi everyone,

I have recently upgraded to Storyline 2 and am enjoying the upgrade except for a problem I am experiencing copying and pasting text into my Storyline slides. I do development off PowerPoint storyboards and need to be able to copy text from PowerPoint, or others sources such as Word, into my Storyline slides. For some reason Storyline is not allowing me to paste copied text. Is anyone else experiencing similar problems?

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Emily Ruby

Hello Lawrence!

I have tested a new file in Storyline 2, and I was able to copy and paste text from both Powerpoint 2013 and Word 2013.

Please make sure you are working locally as described here with all of the files. Have you seen this on every file you create?

You could also import the powerpoint slides into Storyline directly.

lawrence jacobson

Hi Emily,

Thank you for your response.

My original posting is incorrect because I can copy and paste from Word and PowerPoint into my Storyline slides. It doesn't seem to work when I try copy and paste from Notepad, which is unfortunate as I use notepad sometimes to remove the formatting on copied text. Thankfully though the copy from Word and PowerPoint does work, saving me hours of typing :)

Can you try copy from Notepad and let me know if that works?