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I am trying to copy a scene from one storyline project into another to prevent recreating the wheel so to speak. My issue is that when I open the scene in the new project all of my formatting is lost - backgrounds are now blue, text boxes are out of place and the size has changed. Below is a picture of the before and after scenes - on the left is the original formatting, the right scene does not have the slide background in it. I have to go into the layout and select the correct one to restore it - takes a ton of time to do this for each slide in the scene. This example the test box did not change . . .

How do I copy and paste scenes and keep the formatting the way it was in the original project.

P.S. If this has already been discussed, my apologies, my search did not find an appropriate thread to address this topic.

Thank You


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Simon Perkins

Normally the most stable way to get a bunch of slides from one project into another is through importing.  Just make sure you don't have the source file open.

If you're using the same dims, palette and layouts, then I imagine the formatting should be identical when looking at them side-by-side.  

Tom Stare

Paul S. said:


Have you tried to click: New Scene - Import - Storyline and then open the appropriate file. Choose the slides you want to import and check the box on the bottom for new scene or whatever setting you choose.


Paul - I thought that would import "all" of the scenes - had not tried that one before. It worked perfectly - Thanks to everyone for the input.
Alyssa Gomez

Hi Victoria!

Are you trying to import a scene from one Storyline file into another? If so, go to the Home tab on the ribbon, click New Slide, scroll to Import, and choose Storyline.

Then, select the file that has the slides you want to import. Select all the slides within the scene, and click Import. 

Let me know if that's what you had in mind!

julie taylor

Hi. I need to import 5 storyline files and make it one file. I chose the first file as the main one, and then imported the 4 other ones. I want them all to continue to run together. I added a Next button to the last screen of each, and did a trigger of Jump to__ the next screen when user clicks the button. It's not working.

Is it better to import as -- Same as imported project; current scene or new scene.

I've tried Current and New Scene, and still can't get it to work. 

Any thoughts?

Vincent Scoma

Hi Lovianne, 

Thank you for reaching out!

When importing a scene, you have an option to choose if you want to keep it the same, into the Current scene, or into a New Scene: 

You can also move slides from one scene to another to better organize your content and change navigation. Just select one or more slides in a scene, then drag them to a different scene.

Also in Story View, lines and arrows indicate the relationship between slides and scenes. Use triggers to customize navigation and create branched scenarios. We have a great resource for working with Scenes here

Venkat Subramanian

Hi Lovianne,

We are facing similar issue, we have developed 5 different module separate stroy file, we are trying to merge all in one stroy file, we tried [Same as imported project and New scene as well] the first story file imported was fine, but the second and the other files are imported, the images and audio ( Text to speech) are not visible on the slide. It totally gone. Is there any solution for this kind. we are in the situation. Please revert as quick as possible. 

Image in Media library got collapsed.