Copying or Importing Storyline slides with text entries

I'm running into a bit of an issue when I try to copy or import slides into Storyline that have text entries. Basically, I have around 70+ letters for a game and each letter has an assigned text entry. When I bring the slides into a new storyline project, it changes all of the text entry numbers. For example, text entries 1 - 4 change to 5 - 9. This wouldn't be a major issue, except that I have triggers aligned to each text entry box with the coordinating value. Therefore, the trigger is looking for text entry box 1 but when I copied it over it changed the box to text entry 5. I also noticed when I import the slides, the triggers values change as well. Is there a way to have Storyline hold all the values so I do not have to re-do all of my numbering and/or triggers? I attached a screenshot of my triggers for reference.

Thank you!

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