Copying picture and states

Hi guys,


I am using replace picture to move pictures from scene to scene and wondered if this made a new 'instance' everytime or always used the same master copy. Also I have been using the format painter to copy a range of states and found that the selected state always reverts to the default ie: with blue glow, meaning I have to manually change the states.

Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.



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Alyssa Gomez

Thanks for you post, Anna!

Can you tell me more what you mean by making a new instance every time vs. always using the same master copy of an image?

For the States issue, are you using the format painter to apply button states from one custom button to another? Also, what version of Storyline are you using?

Becky Beyea

I have a similar question - I want to apply the same custom state to 5 separate objects.  I can't figure out how to do this.  I see an option for duplicate state but it seems to want to put it on the same object.  I need to basically copy an object's custom state and apply it to other objects.

Thanks, in advance.