Copying quizzes to new projects, a variable lesson!

Just thought I'd share something I learned from the support team after an issue I was having.

I copied a quiz to a new project. It was a multiple fill in the blank using a Pick One quiz, as described wonderfully by numerous Jeanette Brooks screenrs.

When testing the copied quiz, i could not achieve correct answers at all.

It turns out that when copying the quiz to a new story, the variables that go along with quizzes change by default ( I believe), and so the triggers I had set to look for the variables were not looking at the correct variables any more, but at the newly created ones (which I believe are done to remove potential conflicts)

In my case they were text variables, and so if the original was named Test, the newly copied variable would be Test1.

Anyhow, the long and short is a huge thanks to the support team,  and a really valuable lesson learned. I often make individual quizzes and then want to consolidate them into a "complete course" in a new project. Understanding these aspects of the software are vital. not losing my mind is also vital!!

have a good weekend all.

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Steve Lee


I've made a video to try and explain my issue. It' s a new and difficult concept for me to explain, i hope it helps.

I just found out that even when I copy quiz slides within a story, storyline creates new variables on the copied slide. I've learned yet another new thing.

Apologies if it's not easy to understand, it's not easy for me to explain!


p.s. I created the mp4 from a "record Screen" function in storyline. is it best to upload this as mp4 or another file type?