Copying scenes in Storyline?!

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I am currently building my online course which has 10 lessons in total, each will be a separate file loaded in Moodle.

For ease of use now I am using one file and creating each lesson as a new scene, this allows me to copy slides across scenes etc. My plan is, once all are complete to copy each lesson into a file of its own. I'm just wondering will this work ok or is there anything I need to consider at this at this stage?

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Ali Goulet

Hi Lorraine!

When you're ready to copy them over to their own separate .story files, you'll want to import the slides following this tutorial. If you also set a custom player in the original file, you can export the player and then import that as well into the new files. 

Hope that's helpful! Let me know if you have questions. :) 

Walt Hamilton

Make sure there are no triggers that cause jumps across scenes, as they will be broken by the import.

When I do this, I create the first lesson, save it as lesson 1, and do a Save As... lesson 2. Then I already have everything, and it works. Delete the slides I don't want, and there are the slides I want.