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Jun 30, 2014

Having some trouble copying slides.  I have a 15 slide screen recording that I want to copy into another scence.  I have tried copying, duplicating, and saving the file elsewhere and importing the scene.

Nothing seems to be working - when I copy or duplicate, I get an error or the program crashes.  When I try to import, the only slide that will come across is the intro slide (i.e. not a part of the screen recording).

Woking off my c-drive and tried on a different computer - same result.

Am I missing something here, or are you not able to copy recodings?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lance,

In addition to working off a C drive (a local drive), you'll want to follow the other guidelines mentioned here for working with your Storyline files.  I'd also always recommend importing slides instead of copy/paste which can be somewhat unreliable with keeping all elements/information. You'll want to follow the import process described here.  

You mentioned that when importing, only the first slide comes across - so I'd like to take a look at the original .story file and try to recreate that behavior myself. Are you able to share it with me here? 

Lance Treloar

Hi Ashley

Unfortunately nothing new in there - pretty much what I was doing.

Have been informed that I cannot share on a public forum, but have created a new (dummy) recording and experiencing the same behaviour.  Only difference is that this time I get no content as there is no upfront text screen.



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lance, 

Thanks for sharing a sample file. I saved it to my desktop, and then opened a new blank .story file and was able to successfully import this into the new file. All four slides showed up and the screen recording showed up within the available screen recordings in the "record screen" drop down. 

Since this is occuring for you in all your .story files, I'd like to have you conduct the repair detailed here. 

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