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Kevin Thorn

Hi Daniela,

I see the issue but not sure what's causing the new state to swap the font from Articulate 14pt to Wingdings 2 36pt. 

Copying a state of one object (with font) over to another object may be the *bug*, and I'd recommend submitting a bug report with just your slide 1.3.

Going forward, try this:

  • If you know you will have more of the same object on a slide. In this case, create three arrow shapes with the Normal text for each and align them where you want.
  • Add the various states you want to the first arrow object.
  • Instead of copying a state select the first arrow shape with all its states. Then double-click on the Format Painter button (Home tab > Clipboard block > on the Ribbon Toolbar). Your mouse pointer will change and simply click the remaining arrow shapes.
  • This will automatically copy/paste the states of the first object to all those you clicked with the Format Painter. 
  • Finally, edit the states of each arrow shape independently to change the wording and/or styles.