Copying Video from Marker


I have a marker that includes an embedded video. I now wish to remove the video from the marker so the video is on the slide. Problem is I don't have the source file of the video so can't re-upload and I can't seem to copy the video out of the marker popup and paste it on a slide - I can only copy the marker text. Is there a way to extract the video from the marker so I can include it right on the slide?


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Katie Riggio

Hi there, Stephen. Happy to help!

Storyline doesn't currently support exporting videos that were previously imported. However, if you no longer have the source video file and need to recover a copy of it, let's try this:

  1. Publish the course for Web.
  2. When the Publish Successful window appears, click Open.
  3. Open the story_content folder. This is where you can find copies of your videos for this particular project. The file name for each video will start with video_. They won't have easily recognizable file names, so you may have to play each video to identify them.

If that doesn't help, would you mind sharing your .story file with me here or privately via this link? I'll give it a close look to see if there's anything else I can offer!