Cornerstone and Attempt Blocks after Quiz Limit is Reached

Aug 17, 2018

I have a quiz that I only want to allow the learner to access for two attempts to pass.  I was using the number of attempts option on CSOD to block them from opening the course after the second try.  What is happening is that the block is taking effect even if you do not get to the test.  For instance, if you open the course and close it without getting to the end, it counts as an attempt.  My learners may have to stop in the middle of the course and be able to come back to it at a later time.  I do not want the system to count that as an attempt.  These are compliance courses.  I need to be able to give them full access and 2 attempts to pass the assessment  before I block them.  I need to block them because after 2 failed attempts, because they need to remediate and then be assigned a course that has only one attempt.

The system is refreshing the course. When they take the course and fail and leave the attempt, when they come back in to the course, they now have a fresh 2 tries.

I thought about creating a curriculum and putting the block on the test there, but our expert here says the CSOD system will still refresh the curriculum each time its opened and give them a number of tries all over again.

Can you suggest a resolution? 

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Crystal Horn

Hi there Gwen!  Have you tried this method for limiting the quiz attempts with a variable?  Once you have that setting in place, I suggest forcing the course to always resume from where learners leave off so that if they revisit a course, they won't have the option to start fresh. 

After failing all attempts, they'll remain on the results slide every time they open the course again without an option to retake.  Let me know if that works in CSOD!

Eric Franks

Hi Crystal

Thank you or responding.  This does not work in CSOD.  Even though attempts have been set for 2, CSOD gives a completion if you go out and come back in more than once.  I closed without finishing the test then went back in and failed it and got a completion.  Passing score is set at 70.  My score was 35.  

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Gwen, 

The completion status monitors when learners finish a course. The completion status is either Complete or Incomplete. So in your scenario, the learner is completing the course when reaching the results slide it sounds like? 

The success status monitors how learners perform. Did they master or satisfy the course requirement? That is, did they view a certain number of slides, finish a quiz, or trigger completion? The success status is usually Passed or Failed, though it can also be Unknown.

You can determine which status we send, as outlined here. But I'd also suggest you touch base with the CSOD team to determine what requirements they have for tracking completion and success.


Eric Franks

Thank you. I’ll research this further. For now, under tight timeline, we created a curriculum through CSOD that would allow a block after so many failed attempts. It’s not elegant. I built a beautiful interactive assessment that had to be trashed for CSOD’s basic test engine. ☹

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