Cornerstone/Articulate 360 - LMS Not Marking Couse as Complete

I am using Articulate Storyline 360 and our LMS is Cornerstone On Demand. I have completed a course and uploaded and zipped it. When I send it to our training coordinator, she says the course is failing to be marked complete. The course does play but at the end, it is not marked complete.

According to our training coordinator, when the user clicks the x in the upper right corner, the course should be marked as complete and they can move to the evaluation for the course. The course plays but at the end, it is not being marked as complete.

Here are some things I have done.

  • I have uploaded it in SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004. It didn't work at all in SCORM 2004.
  • I have used LMS Reporting as Completed/Incomplete. There are a few Knowledge Check questions throughout the eLearning, so I have also used Passed/Incomplete. Nothing has worked.
  • I have zipped the file to my hard drive (as opposed to a network drive).
  • I have submitted the form to Articulate and they say there is no issue with the course. They say to check with Cornerstone.
  • I have submitted the course to Cornerstone. They say the issue is with Articulate and check with them.
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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Karen,

I found your case ( #01669098) and it looks like Renson and Richard are still testing and asked for a copy of your .story file. Are you able to share that with them using the upload link in the email? That'll help us confirm settings and what other pieces could be hindering completion in Cornerstone, since it seemed to work correctly when uploaded to SCORM Cloud.