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Jul 21, 2017

I've published several courses to my client LMS (Cornerstone) using both formats Flash with HTML5 fallback and HTML5 with Flash fallback and publishing the courses using SCROM 1.2 and Scorm 2004 and when learners launch the courses they receive a black screen. When I test course on SCORM Cloud everything works fine. Has anyone else had this problem?

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Ashlee Rainwater

Hey Mike, 

While we do not use Cornerstone, we have experienced the same issue with our users- the screen is black when they launch the course. Our issue is normally caused by the browser defaulting to "Ask" on the Flash security setting. Our users simply have to change the Flash security setting from "ask" to "Always allow on this site." The page then needs to be refreshed. Doing this usually fixes the issue. 

I'm not sure if this will fix your issue or not, but it's worth a shot! 

Mike Saunderson


Let me bring you up to date. The black screen occurs after the course is published in COD. Before I publish the course, I can preview it and it works fine. However, once the course is published I get the black screen. Initially I thought it was my computer problem but now the employees of our client are reporting the black screen too. My IT person determined that once the course is published the LMS the location address is changed to a blank html location. For example, on Logistics Drive Time 2 and Recording Devices in the Draw Room the URL address in the course properties reflect a blank.html location.

What do you think?



Liz Smiles

I'm having issues publishing to CSOD too.

Issue I'm currently having is it launches (SCORM 1.2) with no problem in  Chrome but in IE, every time the slide changes, the pop up minimises. It literally refuses to stay open. I've tried it with HTML only and HTML/Flash. No luck. 

As for file types, SCORM 2004 files display oddly - it has a weird panel down the side when launched. SCORM 1.2 doesn't. Just make sure compatibility for IE is 10

Will Findlay

The panel you are seeing is because the default settings for CSOD are to show the SCORM 2004 table of contents in a frame next to the content. It is like a rite of passage for everyone new to CSOD to contact them and ask to have it turned off. This problem is actually what started the tomelike thread mentioned earlier:

Regarding your first problem... that is something I haven't seen unfortunately.

Bob O'Donnell

Ok, We've got the same problem with our course showing up as a blank html window in the clients Cornerstone LMS while using IE. The compatibility setting was turned off, but the course is still showing up as a blank screen. I think I published it as SCORM 2004 (4th Ed.). HTML5 only. We're not supposed to Flash.

Displays fine from the same LMS using Chrome. Maybe Liz or someone else can attach a screen capture of their CSOD setting. I'm fairly certain the compatibility mode was turned off.

Thoughts? Using Storyline 360, latest version.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Babette,

Yes, this post started some time ago - but we keep posts here in ELH for any other users who come across it needing help with the same issue. Since that discussion is a popular one where Cornerstone users are still posting today, you may be able to find help for the specific LMS issues you're having. 

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