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Jul 21, 2017

I've published several courses to my client LMS (Cornerstone) using both formats Flash with HTML5 fallback and HTML5 with Flash fallback and publishing the courses using SCROM 1.2 and Scorm 2004 and when learners launch the courses they receive a black screen. When I test course on SCORM Cloud everything works fine. Has anyone else had this problem?

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Bob O'Donnell

Not my LMS. The client's LMS manager told me they did change the setting as you described. I guess I can ask them politely to check it again.

100% sure on Storyline. I had stated earlier in this post that we're Publishing to SCORM 2004, 4th ed. HTML5 only. Guess I'll bug the client again to make sure their settings are accurate.

Shannon Perry

Any other Cornerstone OnDemand/Storyline users have any issues receiving a "critical errors" notification in COD when just trying to modify the content of a course? COD says that one should be able to just modify instead of create a new version if file structure has not changed and only textual in-slide modifications made, but I'm still getting this "critical errors" message, anyway. Thanks!

Shannon Perry

Just came back to say that this is a known issue with COD. The modify content option for when file structure hasn't changed doesn't really work. You have to create a new version. Also learned yesterday that if you want to delete your old version (and avoid having two active versions up at one time), you need to disable the append option which is set as default.

If you don't unclick the append option, you will have two live versions up at the same time and if you inactivate the first version, your second version will also go inactive. If this is an issue you're having, you can always just restrict the access to the version you no longer want to see and make it unavailable to all users (or only yourself). Otherwise, you would need to delete the whole course and reupload the whole thing again. 

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