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Hello everyone,

this is my first post here.  I have been learning a lot from everyone so far as I begin my journey into eLearning!

Here is my struggle.  I am working with a corporate template.  I am bringing in an old Powerpoint presentation and updating it with new corporate identity standards and adding in the audio voice over files. 

Do you have any suggestions for how to improve standard slides like this?  (I apologize in advance for the medical nature of the images)  Obviously I need to include the specific photo and the branding, but it looks very blah to me.

Would appreciate any input!


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Phil Mayor

Hi Sarah you could perhaps make the image a click to reveal and as you reveal the audio comes over the top.

Not sure what the audio says, could have text animate in followed by a click here to see the result box same size as the image.

You could even have a magnifying glass you drag over the image and it expands or becomes visible and at the same time the magnifying glass disappears 

Sarah Kipling

Thank you so much Phil!!  Great suggestions!  As you can tell, this is completely new to me and I'm learning as I go.

When you say "the audio comes over the top" do you mean display the transcript of what is being said in the audio?  It is effectively a training lecture that expands on the image or bullet points depending on the slide.


Phil Mayor

I would try and steer away from too much text on a slide, revealing text with audio is more like a powerpoint presentation and even if the spoken word expands on the bullet points most people will have read the bullet points and moved on before the speaker has finished.

My first suggestion was to delay any audio referencing the pressure sore until the image has been clicked on.

Don't worry we all get better at this the more we do, I learnt most of my stuff from here and Tom's Blog. I also never shared any of my early stuff.

Christie Pollick

Great ideas here so far, Sarah! I wanted to welcome you to the community and also pass along a few other resources that you may find helpful as you get more familiar with SL2, as well:

Hope that helps, and for additional design insights, you are welcome to share over in our Building Better Courses forum here, as well. :)