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Eric Bybee

Are these question cells individual items, or are they part of a single question template, i.e. Multiple Choice (built in)?  This is indeed interesting.  I have never run into this using the built in questions templates, but I did have this happen in one project when I built my own multiple choice questions.  I found that I had a hidden character at the beginning of my incorrect answer lines.  To this day I'm still not sure how that happened, but editing each line fixed it for me.

Tegid Griffiths

This occurs during preview or when the content is published. When you create the question and enter the answers in the form view is when the issue occurs. When you then preview and hover over each answer it is highlighted and is realigned slightly. The problem is that the answer you selected as the correct answer adopts that realigned position by default. So once you know what to look for you can see the correct answer regardless of where it is in the sequence of answers.

From what I can see, the best way to avoid this is to remove the answers from the form view and add text boxes in the slide view. This works but means I would have over 100 questions to review and edit. Not my idea of fun.

I can supply you with the .story file but due to its nature I cannot upload to this location for security reasons.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Tegid,

Thank you for sharing your file with me under Case# 00946331. I tested your file and confirmed the behavior you described. I also tried importing all slides into a new Storyline file, which can sometimes fix erratic behavior, but that was not successful.

I have escalated your case to our Support Engineers, and they should be contacting you shortly. I'll also continue to follow your case and post updates here for you and  anyone else in the community that may encounter the same problem.